Why online casinos are becoming more popular?|Why online casinos are becoming more popular

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Why online casinos are becoming more popular?

Online casinos have come a long way since the early days and have been growing steadily in popularity. Given the outbreak of COVID-19 and the events of 2020, casinos have been forced to shut their doors and scale down their operations.

As a result, punters have turned to online casinos as a way to continue gaming given the way things are going.

Despite the rollout of various vaccines, the threat of COVID-19 is still very real. Countries that previously eased lockdown restrictions have been forced to reinstate quarantine measures and tighten social distancing restrictions.

Hence if you’ve been considering making the switch to online casinos, now is the perfect time to get your game on. In this article, we’ll take a look at the various reasons why you should bet on online casinos.

1. Online casinos are safer

While things are certainly better then they were a year ago, we are still not out of the woods yet. The highly infectious nature of COVID-19 and the untested efficacy vaccines means that social distancing is still the most effective way to beat the virus.

If you regularly visit traditional, land-based casinos, you’ll know how crowded these locations can be. Most gambling venues are also tourist hotspots which means that they’re often packed with people – making social distancing impossible.

On the other hand, gaming at an online casino allows you to place bets from the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Thus letting you avoid the insane post-COVID crowds and eliminating the risk of you coming into contact with any potentially infected individuals.

2. Your privacy is protected

Unfortunately, gambling has received something of a bad rep amongst some people. This can complicate things for punters looking to discreetly enjoy themselves without having to endure the judgement of others.

Besides privacy, some countries even outlaw gambling outright which in turn forces honest punters to turn to illegal casinos.

In both situations, punters looking to have a good time are unfairly subjected to either societal pressures or government intervention. Both of which are frankly outdated concepts in today’s modern world.

This is why online casinos represent a great way to circumvent both of these restrictions. Placing bets online allows a gamer to indulge in games of chance from the privacy of his/her own home – free from judgement or government regulations.

Thus further making the case for why online casinos are a great alternative to illegal or land-based venues.

Online casinos are also very keen on using encrypted message apps to communicate with their users. Apps such as Telegram, Wickr and Tezro are among the most popular. Click here to know about the best encrypted and decentralized messaging apps.

3. Cryptocurrencies are accepted

In recent times, we’ve seen how Bitcoin has become such a widely accepted commodity with game-changing companies, such as Tesla, accepting cryptocurrency payments.

Online casinos too regularly transact in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. In fact, online gaming sites were amongst the first adopters of cryptocurrency.

This is because crypto payments offer clients a degree of privacy and allows for transactions to be processed nearly instantaneously with little to no fees. As a punter, this means that you’ll be able to access your winnings faster without having to pay through the nose for fees.

Finally, transferring your winnings in cryptocurrencies protects your anonymity to a degree – thus letting you remain private.

4. Online casinos are more competitive

One of the major advantages that an online casino has over a land-based one is the availability of games that you can play. Land-based casinos usually offer roulette, slots, and blackjack which are all obviously skewed towards the house.

When gambling online however, you can choose from a wide variety of games and options. From poker to sports gambling, online casinos usually have you covered from every angle.

Given the stiff competition, online casino operators need to ensure that punters keep coming back. Thus most of these sites offer incentives such as starter bonuses and no deposit requirements.

As can be seen from the points made above, it’s clear to see that online casinos have a variety of advantages over their land-based counterparts. Whether it’s the added safety and privacy or the variety of games on offer, there is no reason why you should not bet on an online casino.

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